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  • Foto del escritorDavid Crevillén - CEO

Decysyon is growing.

Today I am pleased to announce that we are joining forces with the ECG - ERGO CONSULTING GROUP , we have reached a definitive agreement to acquire this company. We began working with the ECG - ERGO team eight years ago and have always been successful in providing risk management consulting services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Both Ergo Consulting Group and decysyon share a vision to change the world by enabling new opportunities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. We have long admired the work of ECG - ERGO in providing value-added, customer-focused solutions while building a great team and business culture.

From today we will have more resources, as always offering you a global reach and tailor-made solutions.

Our sole purpose is to provide the best Decysyon to meet your needs.


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